The expansion of commercial and home theatre audio and video systems are driving the need for enhanced connectivity and distribution solutions. Devices such as computers, smartphones, tablets and digital music players continue to generate demand for smart interconnect products. Accell has identified the need for connectivity to evolve in both form and function. To meet this need, we are creating products that are both easy-to-use and visually exciting. 

The Accell brand is built on a customer-centric and technologically advanced foundation with a focus on quality and value. With its headquarters in the heart of Silicon Valley, Accell leverages its advanced design and manufacturing abilities to bring exciting connectivity products to the retail channel. With a large group of dedicated scientists, design engineers and veteran sales and marketing professionals, Accell is quickly becoming a world leader in delivering high-quality and affordable connectivity products.

Green Product Initiative

Green Product is one that reduces its environmental impact when it is manufactured, used or destroyed. Products that contribute to a safe and healthy environment for both humans and nature are considered being Green. For manufactures, Green means using a process to make products that limits or eliminates the amount of hazardous chemicals and materials. This practice creates a safe environment for the workers, users of the product and the community.

Creating a Green manufacturing process often requires a significant investment by the manufacturer. Accell's manufacturing department has established a comprehensive environmental management system that minimises or eliminates the release of hazardous materials, including lead and cadmium, two materials used extensively in high tech manufacturing. To achieve this, Accell spent six months establishing an Environmental Quality Assurance system, an executive team and a fully streamlined and Green-compliant factory to produce environmentally friendly products.

An independent audit of Accell's procedures for manufacturing a variety of products was executed to ensure compliance. It found that Accell is manufacturing its products in a way that eliminates or minimises its environmental impact with respect to releasing such contaminants as lead and cadmium. The Green Product's packaging is designed to be eco-friendly by using fewer materials. The packaging consists of materials such as cardboard containing post consumer (recycled) materials or a low impact plastic bag, all of which are recyclable. 

The plastic bag is marked with a "4" recycle symbol identifying the bags material as low-density polyethylene. This is an element of Accell's Green Products initiative and part of our drive to factor in environmental considerations through the product entire life cycle.